AST Realtor Partnership

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Partner With an Experienced Roofer

AST Roofing & Consulting, LLC is an experienced roofing company in McLean, VA that is available to collaborate with local realtors in the surrounding area. Connect with us at (703) 599-1490 to learn more about how we may work together.

AST Roofing Realtor Partnership Program

For Listing Agents

Have a property owner looking to sell their home? We’ll happily inspect their roof free of charge!

  • We’ll let you know if the existing roof requires a tune-up.
  • All roofing tune-ups under the listing agent partnership come with a warranty of one year, transferrable to the new buyer.

In the event the property requires a roof replacement, we’ll happily coordinate with the homeowner’s insurance company, from initial inspection all the way to project completion. That’s one powerful way to create value for your home seller!

For Buyer Agents

Our Realtor Partnership Program has benefits for you too! For a nominal fee of $250, we’ll perform a comprehensive inspection of your client’s prospective home. What’s included in our program inspection?

  • A detailed accounting of the roof’s age, current condition, and expected life.
  • An assessment of gutter health, fascia boards, ridge caps, and flashings.
  • Notations on any potential leak points, nail pops, previous repair signs, and required maintenance.
  • Photographic evidence and a full report on our assessment.

Call our seasoned experts at (703) 599-1490 to schedule your roof inspections, and give your buyers some much needed peace of mind!

VA Class-A Contractor | MD MHIC# 138548