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Terracota roof tile background, the texture pattern

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About Terracotta Clay Roofs

Terracotta roofing offers a unique look to your home often describes as looking like a “Mediterranean villa.” These materials were traditionally made from locating sources of clay and molded into a tile shoe before being fired in a kiln or oven. The process of firing will turn the clay into a slightly porous yet waterproof matter. The firing process fuses or vitrifies the material which creates a hard and waterproof surface that can withstand rain, snow, cycles of freezing and thawing. It wears a well in coastal areas with salt air and is fireproof. These materials are recyclable and are fairly maintenance-free. As far as looks, they can be shaped into flat tiles or rounded pan-shaped tiles. Rounded tiles will typically be used for areas with rain and are placed overlapped in order to stop rainwater from leaking through the roof. Although flat terracotta tiles are also overlapped they are typically used more in drier climates.

When you’re in need of a terracotta roof installation in McLean, VA contact our team of experts today. ┬áMake sure to have your roof inspected annually in order to catch small problems in their beginning stages and prevent bigger issues from arising.

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